Topic: What is Orchard?

Orchard is a low-power, multi-band radio-connected embedded computing solution. In other words, it's an IoT platform.

Orchard is open source hardware and software.

Orchard is also a supply chain solution. Derivatives of Orchard are meant to be prototyped easily and brought to volume manufacturing with less effort than typical. Unlike breadboard solutions like Arduino, Orchard is targeted toward prototyping through board spins. This is possible thanks to China's low-cost prototyping infrastructure. The effort to prototype is higher than a breadboard, but the on-ramp to scale production once you've got your design finished is also less steep.

It is the foundation of the MIT Media Lab Summer Manufacturing Bootcamp, taught in Shenzhen, China, where students modify the Orchard platform electronics and plastics, and create their own scale-ready IoT device over a period of 5 weeks.

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Re: What is Orchard?

Cool! This has about the same processing power as my U8 watch.