Topic: 3d Print - vertical mounting bracket

GregRob's fan mount post made me get off my butt and post this smile

It's a mounting bracket designed to accept a piece of 0.5mm metal sheet (i.e. from an old cdrom drive case) that can be used to panel mount connectors into the peek array. I'm using it to mount my NovenaRF RP-SMA pigtails near the gas strut. Length is adjustable in 15mm units, and it'll put the peek array mounting holes in the appropriate places.

Re: 3d Print - vertical mounting bracket

Piling onto this thread, here is a 3D print only version that accepts 4 antennas. I wanted to make room for the WiFi plus the SDR

The design is done in OpenSCAD and and is available on GIthub. … -mount.stl

More photos … xaeOiuXKAw