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I just received my desktop yesterday and the out-of-box software experience was completely seamless - well done!

One small irritation, if I bump the case while it is open then xscreensaver frequently activates in lock mode. I assume that this is the lid switch sensor being a bit over-sensitive. It's easy enough to turn off for now via xfce's settings menu -> power management -> Laptop lid, set to "switch off display". I guess power management is not implemented for the internal display yet.

Is there any way to unplumb the lid switch event short of physically disconnecting the sensor?


Re: Lid switch

Thanks for the message! big_smile

The lid switch really shouldn't be doing that.  If it triggers when you bump the case, then it could be a problem with the cable shorting out, or something funny going on with the lid sensor itself.

I could also imagine a cross-threaded expansion header cable.  The lid sensor is connected to the front panel board via that long wire that snakes around, and then on to the main board via the flat-flex cable.  Right next to that pin is SD1_DAT3 (it might be labeled something else on the schematic, long story) which is wired up as the front panel LED.  If it's not threaded straight, you could be feeding 3.3V into the lid switch GPIO, which would cause it to trigger.  The pin next to it on the other side is the matrix controller, which occasionally gets pulses to scan the "matrix", but that one's harder to disable.

What happens if you turn the front LED off?  Run:

echo 0 | sudo tee /sys/class/leds/novena\:white\:panel/brightness

That will prevent 3.3V from going into the GPIO key.  Does that fix the problem?  If so, try re-seating the front panel board, or, annoyingly, re-seat the cable that's plugged into the bottom of the board.

Alternately, there might be a bit of magnetic material around the lid switch that causes it to trigger when you tap the case.