Topic: Less-free vivante drivers for Jessie?

I'm finding the default free and open X drivers a little...not quite as amazing as I'd hope. Unaccelerated 2D is slooow. And accelerated 2D is fairly glitchy.

I'm williing to trade some freedom for convenience.

Has anyone gotten Freescale's X server built for Jessie on the Novena?

Re: Less-free vivante drivers for Jessie?

The accelerated 2D driver is actually pretty decent, but as you say it's glitchy.

Freescale's X server isn't that accelerated.  It does, however, require galcore, which is the kernel module that's going all wonky in the kernel.  We're working on getting a newer galcore driver ported that should fix the glitches.  When that is done, we'll push the new kernel and re-enable 2D acceleration.

Re: Less-free vivante drivers for Jessie?

I've used unmodified Debian wheezy with Xorg on imx6 framebuffer, without accelleration. It worked without big issues, but I haven't done extensive testing. Kernel was FSL 3.10.17-1.0.0ga.