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johnprime wrote:

Hmmm it appears I've been banned. I think I was trying to post too many links.

First off, thank you!

I prepared a super detailed post, but because I don't want to get banned again, the short answer is that the bipap is seperate from the oximeter. The oximeter is what is providing the data. The model is Madimo Rad8 and it has a standard serial port on the back that outputs easy to parse ASCII data. I use as python script on a raspberry Pi to feed that to my Home Assistant server and then have a static html page with some AJAX to query the HA data which is what gets displayed on the NeTV.

Typed up on my phone since my home IP is banned.


Hi johnprime or jjardine smile
your task is very similar to the one I have, except that my data comes from an arduino or an RS232 source.
Though, I have the same need... to create a text data overlay.

So I am asking you for a more detailed how-to, on your procedure to create this text overlay.
- do you modify the NeTV's local UI in real time (according to https://www.kosagi.com/w/index.php?title=NeTV_local_UI), in order to do this ? And how ?
- is it using the HTTP API ?

At the time of writing I don't own a NeTV, so I am trying to figure out whether it suits me or not.
Also I would like to know if the NeTV board has an pin inputs for signals, such as rs232 or other (didn't find and details about that)