xobs wrote:

I think we answered this via email, but it does not have a DES engine.  The ROM checks a byte to determine the type of hash to use.  If it's 0, it doesn't use a hash.  For 1, I believe RSA is used.  2 means SHA256.

I'm not sure how to use the LZMA decompression engine, either.

LZMA decoder is simple. But PPMd decoder is complex. LZMA2 is better than LZMA. LZMA2 compression does not replace (supersede) LZMA compression, but LZMA2 is merely an additional "wrapper" around LZMA. With LZMA2, data is split into blocks, but each block is still compressed by "normal" LZMA. Because individula blocks are compressed separately, processing the blocks can be parallelized, which allows for multi-threading. LZMA2 also allows "uncompressed" blocks, to better deal with "already compressed" inputs.