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ps3betterthanwii wrote:

Is cenon61d better than vita61a?

Unfortunately, I can't answer which sources is better. I used them to find technical information about the SoC.


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urjaman wrote:

or is the 6261 faster?

I tested MT6261A at frequencies up to 494MHz. Perhaps with increasing core voltage it will start up on 533MHz.


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I gathered a small collection of documentation for the Mediatek controllers.

https://yadi.sk/d/c0vFRnI3tu8MF     - Documentation for SoCs and some schematics.
https://yadi.sk/d/mkBebeJqtu8Si     - Source codes for MT6260
https://yadi.sk/d/OxwQLugYtu8WJ  - Source codes for MT6261

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