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I recently secured several Kovan boards (along with KIPR Link enclosure/screen). I flashed the prebuilt image the wiki page to the SD, and I applied 7.5v to the battery connector, and it powers on. Previously, it had the KISS/KIPR robotics firmware on it (functioned perfectly), which worked perfectly, but I'd like to use it as a general Linux device.

With the new image, the blacklight comes on and that's about it. Is there a UI? I don't really care if there's a UI—I just need a terminal. I tried the 3.3v serial connection on the board, but I don't know what baud rate or even if there is a terminal there. If I do need to configure it to host a terminal on that serial, which serial is it (/dev/ttyS0 or /dev/ttyS1, etc?) And, when I do get to a terminal, what is the default username/password? There isn't much documentation on the specifics of how the board works.