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Hey everyone,

I've followed this forum for about a year and I've seen interest in the watch decline during that time. I'm coming from a software engineering perspective here but I was curious what everyone's thoughts are regarding writing apps for the existing OS on these economically priced smartwatches. I've recently read that many of the apps recommended for download onto the users smartphones come with backdoors that funnel data from the phone back to China. In the interest of avoiding piping my data to a third party while recognizing that much of the work that has been done will likely remain as it is.

I'm still waiting for my watch to arrive so I can start tinkering with webApps to connect to the device. Is there anyone already moving this direction?


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Thanks for the good leads and input Sourcerer - I'll check those links out.

I did also find a dandy tutorial through a link on Hackaday for reverse engineering firmware from a file. This guy uses a firmware update for a linksys router as an example.

http://www.devttys0.com/2011/05/reverse … s-wag120n/


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I downloaded one of the firmware updates to check out the code behind it and it's all in hex... so I downloaded a couple tools to try and decompile that hex but it looks like that will be a long shot too.

Has anyone ever tried virtualization as a solution to develop custom firmware without the bricking fear? I'm not entirely sure if I can get my hands on an emulator for the band hardware.


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Hey everyone,

I apologize if I step on any mental or cultural toes here but I have an interest in trying to reverse engineer some of the firmware / software associated with the aforementioned fitness band. Potentially needless to say I am rather paranoid about some of the code under the surface of several devices including these dandy cheap but totally capable sets of hardware.

One of the reasons I am actually interested in this project is that the USB data interface is literally right there out in the open. The battery life performance on the device is respectable unlike many other cheap smart watch-ey type devices.

I've found another YouTbe video and some accompanying links to firmware files for upgrading / downgrading the device to add/remove various features but as you can imagine I think the best one would be custom tailored. 

Resources -

found here below
   http://forum.xda-developers.com/general … r-t3268281
My Problem -

I feel like I want to try and tackle the customization of this device from two ends - one being I am going to make my own iOS app specifically for this device. The second being that I want to tweak the devices functions / features on its own.

I have an idea already somewhat in place for the app

I do not have a clear path for how to read/write new custom firmware to the device and short of trying to manually read data from the command line in linux im a bit clueless. Can anyone point me in the right direction to try and make a local copy of this devices firmware so that I can edit it on my laptop before re-flashing it?

Once again I apologize if my newbie qualities are bothersome,