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That's a pity. Thanks for your help diagnosing it, though!


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It's the same... The LED on the supplied AC-USB adapter lights up, but the LEDs on the board do not.


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Thank you for that info, Taa. So would no blinks = DOA unit?


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Hello taa,

ssh root@ through USB times out. I'm given to understand that you have to first turn on SSH in the onscreen menu, but I can't do that because the unit doesn't display onscreen menus.

Should I see onscreen menus when HDMI out is plugged into a TV with no incoming HDMI?

Should I see LEDs active when the unit plugged in?


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Dumb question, but I'm confused. I have a brand-new NetV unit. I plug it in, I plug HDMI cables into the appropriate places, and... nothing. No LEDs, no picture on the TV.

Source is a Canon XF300 camera, screen is an AsusVE278.

I don't know how to SSH in. Some of the documentation makes it sound like you have to turn on SSH in an onscreen menu, but i have no onscreen menus because there's nothing on screen.