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Hey All,

So I seemed to have fixed the issue. The gas guage chip can be flashed, and the source code is here:


once I compiled the code, I flashed the code onto the gas guage, and that fixed the issue (as I learned that the LEDs are attached to the gas gauge)


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I tried carrying around my laptop for the day, and with the LEDs on, the battery was drained 50%. I have tried to disconnect the battery and I have reflashed a couepld of times, but the LEDs keep coming on.

Is there anything I could do about this?


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I got the fan working with the 5V front panel. If anyone else wants to do this, a few things I found out:

- The Fan wire is not long enough to make it to the front panel, I had to buy more wire (I used 24 AWG, but I think the wire the fan uses is smaller)
- The crimp housing to use is digi part: 455-1001-ND, and the crimps to buy is Digi Part:     455-1042-1-ND

I also had a question for xobs, I enabled "heirloom" on the eeprom and installed the "novena-heirloom" package, but the fan will run whenever the computer is powered on (to include suspending). What other steps do I need to take so it will only activate when the CPU gets too hot?


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That is fine, thank you for the answer! I will need to get the 2 lead pin connector anyways, as this is not long enough for that job. If I do, I will post the results.


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Where did you end up plugging in the fan, and how did you end up enabling it in software?


I tried looking up how to enable the fan as a device tree, but I am unsure of this. Would you have any documentation I could look at, or would you mind explaining it a little more?

Thank you to both!

Ran across this story recently, and considering the Novena Laptop's have a Samsung EVO SSD, I thought it would be worth mentioning it here. The folks in the article had data corruption when using a Samsung EVO SSD, and traces it back to using the TRIM command.

https://blog.algolia.com/when-solid-sta … hat-solid/


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So you know, "leds -" and "leds" did not turn off the LEDs


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I will try that and see what happens!

I actually had some odd behavior with it, I flashed it (to make sure I was on the latest version) and it said my battery died (it also sent garbled info when I used the i2c port to communicate with it). I got it to work, but it thought I had 4 instead of 3 cells.

What could have happened was a bad flash, and that flipped a bit that told it to have the LEDs always on. I will try running that command next time I have my laptop, and see if that fixes the issue.


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Good Morning,

I am assuming you used the standard Novena installation. Assuming this, your user is in the group "Dialout", which allows it to use serial access. If you want to restrict access from other users, make sure they are not in that group.

I hope this helps!


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Good Morning,

Interesting, I did the "update-senoko" command, and now they are illuminated whether I press the level or not.

Thank you for the additional information though!


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Good Afternoon,

I was having some battery issues, so I updated the firmware on the Senoko. There are now LEDs that light up. I was assuming they referred to charge state, but I wanted to confirm that.

Thank you!