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fun wrote:

Still available?

Yes, still available.


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This offer is still open.


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I have not had the time to play around with my Novena, so I am selling it.  I have the main board, General Purpose Breakout Board and connector, LCD display, LVDS<->eDP adapter, power supply, 2GB SD card, and an extra RAM card.  The Novena itself has been used, but very little, and is in excellent condition.  The LVDS<->eDP adapter and display have never been opened.  I am willing to sell the parts separately or the lot as a whole.

Send me a forum email if interested.


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I definitely want to buy a Senoko.  The only reason I didn't earlier when it was up on the Novena CrowdSupply page is because I was (nearly) broke during that period.  (Talk about awful timing.)


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Thanks for the info, GregRob.  That gives me some more options (in addition to those mentioned in other threads).  I think for now I will use the HDMI port with my desktop monitor.

mclien, I would definitely purchase an eDP board if made available.


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The display is probably the thing I least want to futz with on my Novena.  I just want a (portable, so not simply HDMI) display up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible so I can get right onto hacking with all the other fun stuff big_smile.  I chose to get just the board because I wanted to make my own case and save on the expense of a case I wouldn't use for long, although I also did not realise how much variation there was with LVDS.

After doing some poking around, it would seem that getting an eDP panel and the LVDS<->eDP daughter board would be the simplest way to go.  Is Kosagi selling just the eDP daughter board separately, or would I have to get the design and fab my own?