For the record, I exchanged email with Bunnie and he's fine with this post being here.


I wanted to see if there was any interest in an unused Novena plus the battery board and battery parts (which I purchased separately later). I hope this is cool here to post. I apologize if it is not.

I mounted the LCD screen but then got distracted by other projects and, as it turns out, I've never really needed the system or even configured it. I guess I liked the idea of it more than it turned out that I actually needed it.

Per Crowd Supply, I bought:

- All-in-One Desktop (Order 14988) - $1,195.00

And then the battery parts this last August:

- Battery Holder (unmounted) - $16.00
- Battery (unmounted) - $150.00
- Senoko Battery Board /w Protective Shield (currently unmounted) - $110.00
- Battery Temperature Sensor Set  - $9.00

That's $1,480 total.

I'd be willing to part with it all for $1,200 if anyone wants it. 
$1,250 if you want the Seagate SSHD 1TB drive I've stuck in it (see for details).

Message me if you're interested. I'm in California so I'm only interested in selling within the United States (to save customs trouble and the possibility of something being damaged enroute.


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xobs wrote:

Yes, they're for 10k thermistors.

You'll need to use novena-eeprom or novena-eeprom-gui to add the "senoko" flag, otherwise your board won't detect the battery.

Is this documented somewhere?


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So I bought a Desktop Novena, though I haven't used it much, and just got the parts from Crowd Supply to switch over to making it into a Laptop. I haven't seen any assembly instructions anywhere. It *looks* like I need to swap the pass through board for the newer battery board (based on connectors and some logic). Is it as simple as that?

It isn't clear where the battery temperature cables connect on the main Novena board though.