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Great, thanks !


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I'm a bit sad to see that there is not a big rush on Fernvale.
I guess it won't lift off until there are enough people working on it, and releasing how to, gadgets and librairies to build things with it.
How can we help ?
I posted an Article in French on my blog, but did not get traction.

How can we "easily" get our hands on some boards ?
Would a group buy for Europe be possible ?


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I eagerly followed the live stream, too. Awesome !
Can hardly believe the amount of work and retro-engineering you've done on the subject.

I play (hard & soft) with Arduinos and Arm (Due, Teensy, then STM32, baremetal) and I'm very interessed in the Fernvale platform,
first as a microcontroller alone (great perf/price ratio).

Like mousetrapper, I'd like to have a couple of board to play with.

Then, perhaps a lot of extra work (and IP implications maybe) involved, but would it be possible to use cheap MT6260 based smart watches as hackable hardware platform ? Is it a path you envision ?