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Thank you!


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Hi xobs,

I enjoyed watching the video of your Novena talk at FISL16:

Are the slides from your talk posted online? I couldn't make out some of the more detailed images in the video.



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FYI - My Novena desktop arrived today in Canada. I had to pay $45.78 CAD in duty, $204.33 CAD in HST and $9.95 CAD for Canada Post handling. That expands as follows:

For customs purposes the value was $1525.97 CAD = $1195 USD with today's exchange rate. (Sadly, not based on last year's exchange rate when I paid Crowd Supply.)

I hadn't really expected the duty charge. The desktop was classified as "Plastic - Other - Other" on the Canada Border Services Agency import form which has a 3% duty. This is strange because Crowd Supply's commercial invoice classified it as a "Mounted PCB Assembly" which wouldn't have had duty.

HST is the Canadian equivalent of VAT and is 13%.

Overall everything arrived in good condition. I'm excited to assemble it tonight.